Azotus is a frame of mind, heart and view which is open, flexible and even playful while seeking to doing meaning acts of service across the board. Rejecting the notion that our lives are segmented into various compartmentalized “lives” (such as “spiritual” and “secular”), the Azotus philosophy of approach seeks to affirm the grace and connectedness that God has created in all things. Moreover, the human beings we “live with, marry, snub” etc. (C.S. Lewis) are created in the image of God and are themselves creators in their own limited ways…yet reflective of God’s glory.

Sure, we must do commerce, and we will. I, as the head of Azotus, happen to make my living as an  Internet Jedi, writer, creative content factory, guerrilla marketer, oil painter, photographer and graphic artist. Each utilization of giftedness, both natural and spiritual, is an expression with the goal of, as one old friend says “to get as close as I can.”

This site is now a “DAILY” of sorts. You will find new content daily..so please bookmark. Like-minded sites will be added as links (always check the top tabs for the latest).

In the weeks and months to come others will sign on with our various departments. Read, view and enjoy their unique talents. Support their business’ as you can so they can fulfill their callings.

My door is always open.


Christopher C. MacDonald




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