Up on that bridge yesterday, helping hang two large protest banners that said “Free Tibet” and “One World , One Dream, Free Tibet 08”, was another Marin County “Mac.” This one a known activist who was released by authorities a year ago in Nepal after he planned a protest of the Olympic Games on Mt. Everest.

In other words, Mac Sutherlin is not afraid of heights, officials or much of anything. Mac was arrested both times alongside his partner Duane Martinez, also of Sausalito (so yes, there are gay Macs).

The issue is a passionate one and I have to believe that the largely non-violent protests around the world and the snuffing of the Olympic torch is humanity’s way of admitting the Dalai Lama is right. It will take the outcry and protest of the world to end the suffering both in Tibet and in Darfur.

China is indifferent, and will be until their power is threatened, and their prestige in the world.

My suggestion? Besides active protest, quiet prayers for the freedom of Tibet should be matched with the quiet of our televisions throughout the Olympic Games themselves. Let them have them…just do not watch. A silent protest when millions if not a few billion dollars are on the line can have a staggering effect.

Read the results in the paper or in synopsis online…but don’t watch their mass media.

If you wanna see something studly and brave, watch the Mac & Duane show up on the Bridge on YouTube of via