popularHermsIn the most “Christianized” country in history one thing is noticeably lacking: a clear and coherent ability to read and interpret the Old and New Testaments and allow them to stand outside our prejudices, toxic inculturations and have the sub-versive (alternate scenario) effect they were obviously intended to have.

Whether you regard these 66 “books: as holy writ, or as just the single most influential texts in Western civilization, they deserve a clear and clean reading.

Separated from such a simple and straight-forward reading only by language  and cultural shifts we have, in English and many other languages, the available tools to bridge such a gap if not perfectly at least fully.

Popular Hermeneutics (the science of “interpretation”) is meant to be a simple but full toolbox for those wanting to explore the meaning and relevance of the texts from both testaments.  There is no reason to remain biblically illiterate regardless of fiath issues or personal preferences. In fact, we would assert that many of the issue brought against “religion” by skeptics find deep echoes in the biblical records themselves.

The First Issue of  THE GRAND BOOK is now out. A monthly online magazine free to all, we are soliciting (quietly) those who would become patrons.  For more information, contact Mac (

This month starts with the simplest of questions: What is the Bible? It also addresses in a fun Flash site some of the reasons people find the Bible “weird” Or make it weird). Coming issues will cover, in common sense and accurate terms, how it was compiled, how it was transmitted down from the early 1st century to today. We also want to give a practical guide to the issue of various translations!

A Forum has been setup to answer questions if simply commenting on posts is not your thing or you want to enage in a longer discussion. The layout sucketh, but maybe one of you will offer to help?

Please remember this site is for those who simply want to read an study the Bible. It is for believers and unbelievers alike (and everyone in between…skeptics, atheists, postmoderns, troublemakers and snooty scholars).



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