It’s time we got smart about “the Homeless Situation” particularly in an age that is both digital and where some very talented and gifted people are suffering due to lack of employment.

SHERLOCK is a ministry to the Homeless primarily but is open to all who want help seeking emergency employment in the Alameda area.

We can, and intend to help you if:

  • You have a criminal record that is problematic to employment;
  • Are clean and sober now and need work;
  • Are ready to work hard and earn a new life off the streets;
  • you are masquerading as a homeless person but are, in fact, a billionaire who wants to help such as a philanthropist.

Obviously the last one is not serious. Note that while we are serious about finding you meaningful work, we believe the search can be less stressful if we keep a sense of humor about it and also pray a lot.

Who we cannot help (yet):

  • Exclusions are few. if you already have a job and simply hate it we cannot be of any help. You are not at risk of anything except low pay and probably boredom.
  • If you are addicted we can, and will talk with you and try to steer you as best we can to a program that can help you achieve sobriety. We know well that without that findng any job is ultimately useless. We can help you best towards the end of a stay at a treatment center or once you have some clean and sober time under your belt.

See our “Philosophy of Ministry” page for more details on why SHERLOCK exists and it’s mission statement. But, if impatient, note it is simply an active resource for ALL the area churches to use (without charge) to help them serve the needs of the Homeless who come under their care or gaze.

We know well that it is a weekly concern for area churches, all of which care in general and then have members called by God to serve this community specifically.

We want to meet you. We do not want your money, we want your participation and as soon as possible.


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