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Perhaps Andre Malraux was right and “art is the last defense against death” by which he meant “meaninglessness”  for the artist. But in a real way the artist is able to tranfer light and life, truth, grace and even love through art.

True, some art is meant to shock us out of complacency or a living dream that is untrue. Other stuff is just crap. Even so, we respond just the same often more so to the depiction than the living reality (one thinks of Monet’s waterlilies…so HUGE at  NY MOMA, yet small by the natural scale and flat next to the real scene in Giverny.

Azotus Art is a open gallery for artists looking to use their God-given vision and sense (often interpretation) in fresh and real ways. Please comment on the meaning of the various paintings you view at the Azotusart Gallery.  Engage the artist in conversation in a public forum.


Azotus Curator


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