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SPOKE is a Christocentric Journal.

It rests in the assurance that it was “the Father’s good pleasure for all the fulness of God to dwell in Him [Jesus] bodily” and for “Him to have first-place in all things” (Colossians).

If it is good enough for God the Father, it should be good enough for us. We should take the hint. If not from the Father, then the Holy Spirit whose primary goal is to exalt and lift up Christ.

Daily meditations on Jesus for regular folk but not religious.


DOGHOUSE (Renegade Postmodern Site)

The “Doghouse” is just plain fun with an undercurrent of deep theological reflection for a postmodern audience.

It is meant to be “subversive” simply meaning we turn to a different text (scripture) or version of reality to navigate amidst various cultures which are simply a fabric woven from various social fictions.

While not rejecting the wide variety of Christian expressions (from Megachurching to Christian music etc…) we feel these, like the prevailing culture, can use scrutiny so we can be more mindful in our own faith.

Click on the graphic or HERE.


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