Content Management Systems: Bottling

Soft-Drink-Carbonated-Water-Filling-Bottling-Line You may have been frustrated the last few days with Twitter, with Facebook, with Youtube..then with trying to actually get work done and published online (which is my business) because suddenly they won’t respond on your browser, or decline your graphics or simply ignore you.

Let me assure you it is a middle manager who took a shortcut on bandwidth or co-location. Worse, others avoided paying for a  real CMS that is robust and user servicing (not just friendly) or they had the cute idea that it might actually have worked if they had realizing beforehand that bringing a bicycle to race a Mustang 20101GT is not gonna work in anyone’s wildest dreams.

I sound bitter don’t I?  Which is atypical.  I think my issue is the pretense and utter waste of our time. I took a job as a “Little Rock Examiner” in an area I am adept at and have published often professionally: spirituality. It was not about the money (which is nill). It ws about writing well and giving people a good read.

You cannot do that via

How do I know? I was nominated for a Webby for  my retooling of a good CMS for from Epic Cycle; and succeeded in major work-arounds in a bad CMS at in New York. Like one of the mechanics on Top Gear (BBCA) I can make almost anything work/run.

Until now

Take a look at my articles ( I spend twice as long trying to get half of them to format in something like remedial English. It was originally ghastly hard work that was always somehow OFF.

So I learned and adapted. I wrote my series tonight on U2 in wordpad (no formating..simple) and got tready to add easy art.

Suddenly it will not format in anything but Microsoft IE explorer. Welcome aboard the Titanic are your decks chairs and the shuffleboard equipment.

Flock? No. Firefox? No. Netscape? No.

Well here is my reply to your utter incompetence: NO.

Come back when you have funding and wanna play at least semi-pro ball. Until then? Shut down and watch others play real baseball.


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